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Encyclopaedia Of Hadith One of the largest and most diverse literatures in the world,
the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad has for fourteen centuries supplemented the Qur'an as a source of guidance for followers of Islam. Ranging over topics as varied as doctrine, prayer, taxation, government, fasting, pilgrimage, and spirituality, this unique reservoir of religious guidance is an indispensable foundation for the study and understanding of any aspect of the Muslim religion. A full-time team of qualified Hadith specialists has been working on the creation of a properly-edited and reliable text. Further, the process has benefited from the guidance of living Hadith authorities. The result has been the first critically-edited versions of the Hadith literature ever produced.

The Encyclopaedia of Hadith was produced according to the highest technical specifications. Both hardcover editions are handsomely bound using a gold and blind embossed motif inspired by the celebrated Sultan Oljeitu Qur'an, preserved in the Egyptian National Library, and using both red and black ink on each page, so this sets wholly new standards for the production of Hadith texts.

The world's finest Arabic typeface has been developed and used throughout the Encyclopaedia of Hadith. This typeface is based on the font used for the 1932 King Fu'ad edition of the Qur'an, generally acclaimed as the high-point of Arabic typography. With the assistance of some of the world’s leading experts in Arabic calligraphy, at least a thousand additional characters have been added to enhance the texts readability and beauty, enabling the creation of the most beautiful Arabic pages ever seen since the demise of the manuscript tradition. Read more about Arabic typeface.



<img src="images/gallery.gif"> View Hadith Certificates All of the Hadith texts are submitted for approval to the Islamic Research Institute of Al-Azhar University, Cairo, and are only released in printed and magnetic form once approval has been given.







International Hadith Study Association Network The International Hadith Study Association Network (IHSAN)
is the online part of the Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation's Sunna Project.

Through the Sunna Project the Foundation seeks to assemble the entirety of Hadith literature and to prepare and publish definitive critical editions of every Hadith collection.

The IHSAN Network currently comprises the following sections:

Hadith Database
The Hadith Database allows for the full text of the Foundation's printed editions of Hadith collections to be searched according to various criteria. IHSAN registration is required to access the online database.

The manuscripts section contains images of the important manuscripts used for the books in the Hadith Encyclopedia. The manuscripts are cross linked with the Hadith Database.

The IHSAN Association consists of working Hadith scholars around the world and institutions involved with Hadith studies.

PLEASE Follow the link to find further information about IHSAN and a link for online registration.


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