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Hardcover: 204 pages

4 colour print: gold, blue, red and black with gold and dark embossed Balacron imitation leather cover

Size: 17.4 cm x 24.5 cm

Year of Publication: 2003

Sermons of the Prophet Hadith Collection

<img src="images/gallery.gif"> View sample Pages This book, Sermons of the Prophet Hadith Collection, comprises the greatest amount of accessible sermons of the Prophet Mohammed. It does not only include sermons that were made at times of prayers, but also sermons in the form of talks made by Prophet Mohammed, giving advice to any group of men or women, elaborating on matters related to their religion.

The book is intended for both a scholarly audience and a general Arabic reading Muslim audience, and is compiled and fully indexed in accordance with the strict requirements of hadith scholarship making it a valuable reference work for experts in the field.





Sermons Hadith Collection