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Product Information

CD-ROM for MS Windows operating systems

Language: English

Year of Publication: 2003

Technical Requirements

Windows XP, 2000, 95, (Arabic not required).

486 processor, 16MB of RAM, 650 MB free hard disk space.

This CD-ROM should run automatically; if not, type D:\Run, where D is your CD-ROM drive.

E. W. Lane's Arabic – English lexicon

E. W. Lane's LexiconThis superlative masterpiece is now on CD-ROM. Access is by root followed by scrolling of a complete entry, with the option to print a desired portion. Also includes Preface by E.W. Lane and memoir by Stanley Lane-Poole. Arabic is not required on your system since the software contains an embedded 'Virtual Arabic Keyboard'.

Produced by: TraDigital Stuttgart GmbH


<img src="images/gallery.gif"> E. W. Lane's Arabic-English Lexicon Screenshots"It is a work of such fundamental importance and of such matchless excellence that praise for it is quite superfluous. Every Arabist since Lane has had good cause to bless him for his superhuman labours ... It is certainly true to say that every work produces in this century relating in any way to Arabic studies has drawn heavily on the Lexicon."

Prof. A. J. Arberry


Reviews of the Lane's Lexicon CD-ROM

"The Lane lexicon on CD-ROM is a most welcome addition to our lexicographical inventory... and the producers have our gratitude for their highly commendable work. The electronic Lane contains the entire work as printed."

"I must say that as priced at $150...It is considerably less expensive than the print version, at about $350 for the two volume reduction."

"Lane's lexicon on CD is an invaluable tool for the Arabist and is highly recommended for purchase by individuals and libraries."

Jonathan Rodgers
University of Michigan
MELA NOTES - The Journal of the Middle East Librarians Association (Fall 2002-Spring 2003)


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E. W. Lane's Lexicon CD-ROM