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E. W. Lane's Lexicon CD-ROM F.A.Q.

Which Windows operating systems does the software work on?
The Lane's Lexicon CD-ROM works on all Windows Platforms from Windows 95 and higher (except Windows Vista), including Win 95, 98, NT, Millenium, 2000 and XP.

Do I need to have Arabic on my computer?
No, Arabic is not required on your operating system. The software contains an embedded 'Virtual Arabic Keyboard'. This means that you can write Arabic either on the 'Arabic Alphabet Palette' on the screen, or type it on any keyboard.

Does the Lexicon work on the Mac?
No, the Lexicon is a PC-compatible software. Depending on the future success of the product, a Mac version may be produced.

Can it be completely downloaded to my hard drive, meaning, is it possible to use the Lexicon while the CD is not in the CD drive?
All the files on the Lane's CD-ROM are installed onto your hard disk during the initial setup process for speed of access. However as a security measure the original disk must be in the CD Drive when using the program.

Can one cut and paste from the viewer?
There is no cutting and pasting because the information is displayed as an image file. Word entries and multiple selections can however all be printed out.

Are the pages of the lexicon in text or image file format ?
The pages of the Lexicon are in image file format.

Does the lexicon only go up to the letter Q ( the letter Lane finished working on by the time of his death ) or has it been finished by other scholars ?
The Lexicon CD-ROM contains all the letters of the alphabet since it was continued by Stanley Lane-Poole after the death of Lane. However after the letter 'Qaf' the information given for each letter is more sparse and reference is often made in the Lexicon to the 'supplementary section' of material. On the CD-ROM there is a button that takes the reader to this supplementary section for more information about particular words. There are, as far as we are aware, various groups of scholars working on the enormous job of finishing the Lexicon, however this work has up to now not been completed.

Does the software include the Introduction, Preface and Memoir?
Yes, and these sections can be printed out.