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Digital Publishing

Not only has Tradigital excelled in creating books of exceptionally high quality, but it has also expanded to the field of digital publication. This has been materialized in the form of databases on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and the World Wide Web.


Database Products

Databases are becoming more and more important. Productive database systems, servers and frontends are necessary to keep data and information up to date, to channel it and bring it as fast as possible to the person searching for information. CD-ROMs and DVDs as data processing media make it possible to save several collections of publications. In this way, and in combination with database technology, high resolution graphics and videos, a powerful tool has been created which does not require lengthy download times and internet connections. The Hadith Database and E. W. Lane’s Arabic- English Lexicon are examples of our database productions available on DVD or CD.


World Wide Web

In almost every country in the world people have access to the World Wide Web. The internet is a public book with millions of pages. Today, we can provide every format on the internet such as hypertext, pictures and graphics, PDF documents, videos and sound. With the help of database systems we can reproduce complete book productions on the web. Using the following link you can visit the website of the International Hadith Study Association Network, where you can find out more about the Sunna Project and access world-wide research in all the disciplines of Hadith studies.

Digital Publishing