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The Revivification of a Great Tradition

<img src="images/gallery.gif"> Shamail Book Cover Inspired by the fascinating Arabic-Islamic art of book production, Tradigital wants to revive this art and to produce books with magnificent and beautiful design.

Many years of intense research and cooperation with experts in the field of Arabic- Islamic art of book production have formed the knowledge and skills of Tradigital. Further, the extensive examination of this subject during several projects have shaped the experience and professionality of Tradigital. Tradigital employs the latest technologies for the production of high quality books, that are in the tradition of the art of Arabic books.

<img src="images/gallery.gif"> Hadith comparison year 1890 vs. 2000 The designs of the current books produced by Tradigital follow the designs of typical, old Arabic manuscripts and when necessary, develop their ideas further. For this, traditional documents are studied and examined intensively, in order to pick out the typical patterns and the specifications used in combination with their contents.

When deciding upon the details of the book design of a new production, e.g. patterns, book cover, beginning and final pages, and endpapers, these existing manuscripts are examined and, depending upon the contents, traditional patterns are chosen, revised and used.


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