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2011-11-30: Database DVD Part II is now available with Part I of the Encyclopaedia

The Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation has decided that customers, who buy the first edition of Encyclopaedia, also get the DVD which was created for the second edition including Musnad of Imam Ahmed.

This generous gesture is a contribution of the Foundation to achieve its goals to support and advance the protection, preservation and study of the Islamic intellectual and artistic heritage. This is a service to researchers to facilitate taking advantage of both editions of the Encycloapaedia and related scientific efforts of the Foundation. 

The Encyclopaedia of Hadith Database includes all the Hadith collections provided in printed form, which may be accessed by searches of various kinds and of various degrees of complexity.

2011-09-01: Free access to IHSAN Network!

Access to IHSAN Network is now available free of charge upon registration. The IHSAN Network is the online part of the Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation's Sunna Project. In order to access the online database, PLEASE Follow the link to find further information about IHSAN and a link for online registration.


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2012-01-15 to 2012-01-17: 1st International Conference
"SUNNAH BETWEEN REALITY AND EXPECTATIONS", Al-Azhar Conference Center in Nasr City

'Sunnah between reality andexpectations' Conference Invitation  Over the past few years, the Thesaurus Islamic Foundation has assumed responsibility to serve the Sunnah heritage through identification, study and publication. The Foundation has decided to take a new step towards serving the Sunnah, so it organized the first international conference titled, "Sunnah between Reality and Expectations", in order to study the efforts exerted in the publication of Sunnah books, in the past and present, and methods to develop and improve them in our contemporary reality. This conference was sponsored by the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, the Secretary-General of the Conference Prof. Ahmed Meebed Abdul Karim, former head of Hadith department at the Faculty of Theology and the rapporteur of the conference, Dr. Kilany Khalifa, project manager of the Sunnah project at the Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation. The opening ceremony was also attended by the Egyptian Mufti, Sheikh Ali Gomaa, who gave a great speech. The conference was held in Al-Azhar Conference Center in Nasr City, from January 15th to January 17th, 2012. Thirty valuable research papers were presented, which contributed to the useful discussions and interventions by the audience.

Objectives and Topics

The objectives of the conference were:

1 - the development of communication between scholars in the Islamic world.

2 - the activation of the role of the World Wide Web through IHSAN network to achieve cooperation in the field of service for Sunnah.

3 - exchange of views among the participating scholars and professors of Hadith, taking advantage of their expertise in this area, and finding out about their hopes regarding services related to the Sunnah.

Among the topics of the conference were, the approaches to produce Hadith books in the past and present, the importance of collecting manuscripts in achieving year books and methods of selection, the importance of books in producing Sunnah books and methods of control, annual commercial releases of books, discussing scholars efforts in the publication of Sunnah books, encyclopaedia and their importance in the service of the Sunnah, the impact of modern technology on the service of the Sunnah, the role of the Sunnah in deriving moderation in thought and behavior and confronting contemporary suspicions about the prophet and Sunnah.


The conference came up with several recommendations, among them were holding a seminar that brings together Hadith scientists to develop rules regarding modern manuscripts, the establishment of complex for senior scientists in various Arab and Islamic countries sponsored by Al-Azhar, to discuss issues related to the Sunnah and the prophet in the present and future, the need for coordination among computer engineers working in this field to produce encyclopedic works distinct from a scientific point of view, with high technical standards. It was also recommended not to produce a book already produced before unless there is an absolute necessity for that in order to not waste efforts and it emphasized dealing with "al Sahihahain" as unchallengeable at any level.


Book Review of Musnad al-Imam Ahmed

Read review of Musnad al-Imam Ahmed by Center for Islam and Science in summer 2011.


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